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Wij are a member of the following website rating sites: is an webshop comparison site. As an customer of Snelwebshop you can leave your rating there. Our current rating is shown here on the left.
QShops is an independant organisation that judges us on our conditions and rules.
The Foundation Webshop Trustmark (Stichting Webshop Keurmerk) is since 2001 the branch organisation and Homeshopping Trustmark of webshops that offer their products and services primairly via internet.
Safe 2 Shop is een quality trustmark for webshops. They check if webshops live up to their rules and (legal) regulations. We have received the highest possible score of 5 stars.
The BeShops trustmark is an trushmark primairly focused on the Belgium market. The check an webshop on 10 important points.


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